the quotidian (12.17.12)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary; 
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

Sweet rolls for sweet people.

Rediscovering the trash in the field.
(I never noticed what a great photo op I had sitting right out my back door.)

On the way to town: our view.
It never grows old.

I am at loss for words.
Can YOU come up with a caption? 
Maybe I should start my own line of quirky greeting cards?

My monkeys, desperate for thrills.
They made a rope zipline (or somethingorother), but instead of zipping on it,
they used it to boing themselves into the air.
 Method: one (or three) children would pull the line down
 (what the children are doing in the picture) while another child held on to the rope with both hands. Then everyone would let go of the line except for the kid whose turn it was to boing.
Up he’d go into the air, dangling by his arms, 
and then swing enthusiastically back and forth, wheee!

The kids built (dug out?) a fort in the burn pile.

It’s actually quite spacious. There’s even a hay-lined bedroom back to the right.

Seeing stars!
The night of the meteor shower, we woke the kids at 1 in the morning
and herded them outside to lay on the frozen ground and stare at the sky.
Also, this is my first foray into night photography.
It’s nothing to write home about, but still, I’m a wee-bit happy.
I mean, I gave myself a crash course in bulb mode and infinity mode,
and then, voila, I got some pictures of the stars!
Someday I’m going to learn about this stuff for reals. 

Lazy morning: what with the middle of the night star-watching
and the typhoid vaccine side effects, the kids weren’t feeling all that chipper.
Can’t say I blame them… 

She wore these (and a smaller version of) masking-taped-on earrings everywhere.

Christmas wonder (and camera wary). 

Cozy evenings.
(Hanes should hire us to do some advertising, don’t you think?)

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