the quotidian (10.1.12)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary;
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

Disclaimer: this is not your regular quotidian post. In fact, this isn’t a quotidian post at all. There is nothing quotidian about our annual soiree. However, it’s Monday and I’ve written about these weekend getaways plenty of times before (the proof: 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011), so I’m doing this post a la the quotidian.

The scene. 
Just to give you an idea of what we ate: lamb, roasted red pepper soup, lemon curd-blackberry parfaits, cheese plate, out-of-this-world broccoli, good bread, seafood, 
fries with three dipping sauces, flour-less chocolate cake. And so on. 
My tummy was exceedingly happy.
Lots of talk time. Topics covered: fashion, birth, orgasms, orthodontia, food, children, books and blogs, hosting, picky eaters, thrifting, writing, etc. My auntie Valerie told a story about the time a mouse got trapped in her sweatpants and I laughed so hard my ears hurt. She also told about how, three weeks ago, she surfed down the stairs, headfirst, with guns.
My Auntie Valerie made the breakfast eggs. 
They were creamy and delicious and I had three helpings. 
(I saw the skillet before she added the eggs – it was swimming in butter. Awesome.) 
We drank water from pretty glass bottles with orange lids. 
Artsy fartsy: red on black checks. 
The entertainment: in-home, full-body massages! 
I learned that I have a degenerative disk. Or something. 
“Does this mean I’m going to be hunch-backed?” I asked. 
She never answered me directly, I don’t think.
Should I be worried?
 Sunday morning, we modeled (and made off with) Auntie Perfection’s cast-offs.
Here, another aunt (a.k.a Legs) is doing the catwalk.

Back home after feasting at a fancy restaurant, we gathered round the fire for more chat time. 
My mother gave Auntie Perfection some slippers that she found at a thrift store,
in honor of my aunt’s cat.
Charlie liked them.
(Full disclosure, someone placed the slippers around the resting Charlie.) 
Auntie Perfection modeled two recently-purchased dresses. 
She bought them for a wedding she had to go to. 
She couldn’t decide, so she bought them both. 
The black one won out.

This same time, years previous: because reading books is dangerous, chocolate birthday cake, ciabatta, dumping, peposo, butterscotch cookies


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