the quotidian (9.3.12)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary; 
everyday; ordinary; commonplace 

My early morning coffee and computer.
(Photograph by my younger son.)

Earwigs redefined.

Making sparks: he’s an expert.
(In more ways than one.)

Toothpick curls.

The girl has gotta have her music. She’s partial to hip-hop.

An involved game of make-believe, or a mess.
It all depends on your perspective.

It was time for lunch.
The youngest was bouncing off the walls, and everyone was picking on each other.
SIT DOWN AND READ, I bellowed.
And so they did.

Porchside journaling.

Sweet Charlotte

There won’t be leaves on the trees for very much longer.

The remains of one of the last summer swims.

At the end of the day, Ramona Quimby.
(What you don’t see: the three munchkins piled on the bed.)

This same time, years previous: caramelized oatmeal topping (made this recently—it was a smash hit), oven s’mores, dreaming, on our way, smartly, roasted peaches, picture perfect (I just posted on this topic on Friday—must be something about this time of year…), honey-whole wheat cake, blueberry coffee cake


  • Jennifer Jo

    Re the toothpick curls: her hair was too wet every time she did it, so the curls came out. If the hair had dried completely, it would've made nice ringlets, I think. (I believe it was her own idea, though I'm not sure…)

  • Margo

    did she make up the toothpick curls? I've seen rag curls before. . .

    I love that first photo of you in the kitchen. So cozy. I also feel the love from your son from the photo he took – how is that possible, but that's the vibe I get.

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