puppy love

My older daughter has been wanting her own dog for quite some time now. A small dog, she said. A beagle.

“You’ll have to pay for it,” we said. “It will be expensive. Food, shots, the works. Do you really want to pour all your money into a dog?”

“Yes,” she said.

So we started a leisurely search. We looked at ads in the paper and researched small dogs online.

Then yesterday she asked me to put something on Facebook. I obliged. “My daughter is in the market for a border terrier puppy,” I wrote.

By evening, we had a lead. There were some mix puppies at a pet store in town. (I was not aware that our town had a pet store. Which just shows that we were, indeed, leisurely going about this puppy-finding business.)

I called the store this morning, got the information, and called my husband. “I may go over to that part of town later,” my husband said.

About fifteen minutes later, the phone rang.“It’s pretty cute. And there’s one left. You should bring the kids in to see it this morning.”

Only then did I tell my daughter that we maybe found a puppy for her. She was over the moon.

“My stomach hurts,” she half-whimpered, half-giggled on the way there. “I’m too excited.”

And then we got to the store and there was this ugly, ratty dog and no cute puppies and I was like, Is my husband out of his mind? But then a guy took us out back and there she was. My daughter scooped her up and that was that.

She is a beagle-Jack Russell-border collie mix. They say that although she’s only ten weeks, she’s nearly full size already. Of course, since we rushed headlong into this purchase, we know nothing about this sort of dog. She could turn out to be a yappy, howly stupid thing. Or she could be sweet as pie.

I’m hoping for pie.

PS. Her name is Charlotte.

PPS. I am in love with her floppy ears.

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  • jennifer

    My favorite pictures are the girly getting to hold her new puppy with her sweet smile and also the puppy carrying the toy that looks too. If for its little mouth! Cute!

  • Melissa @ thelittlegrayhouse

    We got a dog last Christmas that looks like she is along the same mixed lines as your cutie pie. Only difference is coloring and her eye color. Anyway our girl is indeed sweet as pie! So happy for your daughter.

  • maggiemagillicuty

    Charlotte is adorable!We have a Rocky that looks so much like her, they could be brother and sister! Only, hundreds of miles and a year and half apart, so…maybe not:) Rocky is (supposedly) part Chihuahua and part Beagle. I know the Chihuahua for sure. He does have a lot of terrier in him, I think. He IS yappy, but super smart and affectionate. He thinks he's our fourth child, and his best friend is a cat. I don't think we could've picked a better dog for our family, as I'm sure you'll feel about Charlotte:)

  • heidi

    But who really knows??…I have a pure Jack Russell who thinks he's a cat. Sleeps all the time. No joke.

    She will certainly be pie.

  • Kathy ~ Artful Accents

    Simply adorable! The beagle in Charlotte may cause her to howl, the Jack Russell may make her a bit hyper, but the border collie in her will make her yearn for a job! Perhaps Charlotte's job can be rounding up the kids (while she howls)! LOL

  • the domestic fringe

    Oh. My. Soul. She is adorable! So cute. My sister-in-law has a Jack Russell and I love that dog. It is so funny. Hope your daughter's new buddy is everything she hopes and more.


  • Peggy

    Oh she is adorable! Both your daughter and Charlotte!! Hmm Jack Russell Terrier??? But the border collie and beagle mix are such sweet dogs so you should be good to go. My husband had a border collie as a teen and he was one of the sweetest dogs ever!

    Have fun!!

  • Theresa

    Oh my gosh, she's so CUTE! She looks just like my first dog as a kid, a beagle terrier mix. I still love beagles to this day because he was such a great dog. Love! Congratulations on your new family member 🙂

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