the girl and the tea party

The girl’s mother had been so busy with applesauce and cucumbers and green beans that she had mostly been ignoring the girl. So one summer evening the girl decided to surprise her mother with a tea party.

She got all the wine bottles out of the fridge and lined them up on the table. She filled an old glass bottle with water and stuck a cork in it. She got two wine glasses out of the cupboard. She got the pan of leftover gingerbread and set it on the table, too. And then she showed her mother.

The mother paused for a minute, thinking (and internally sighing, just a bit), and then said, “There’s whipped cream in the fridge,” and she poured herself a glass of wine and sat down.

They ate their cake and sipped their drinks. The mother asked the girl what the best part of her day had been and the girl asked the mother what the best part of her day had been.

They chattered about This and That, and all was most pleasant. But then, as she is wont to do, the girl announced she didn’t want to take her allergy medicine anymore and the mother said she still had to, and of course the girl squawked and moaned most dramatically.

But then she mostly got over it and they cleared their dishes and went out onto the porch to snap the green beans.

The end.

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