the quotidian (7.23.12)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary; 
everyday; ordinary; commonplace 

sweet pickles: starting another double batch today

bounty: these days, my counter is often cluttered with bowls of produce

apples waiting to be turned into sauce

trampoline visiting

she begged to take her rest time on the porch

pizza, also on the porch

what I’m reading now: I’m thinking I might buy it

supper up at The Property

rustic living: machete-hacked watermelon 

still making sparks: bigger and betters ones, too, now that he has a bigger flint

I refuse to be offended that she won’t smile at me.

My green beans, on the other hand, go all out to be friendly with me.
(I did not doctor it up at all, promise.
This is exactly what it looked like when I pulled it out of the pile.)

huddling by the door during a rainstorm 

This same time, years previous: how to beat the heat, half-mast, a free-wheeling education, cucumber lemon water (I think I’ll go make this now)


  • Queenie

    OK, it makes me feel slightly (and oh-so-selfishly) better that she won't smile at you, either. Of course, that shoots holes in my idea that she would smile at me if she saw me more often. Hmm. I'll have to come up with another theory.

  • Margo

    I checked out Toast by Slater from the library. It's not tempting me at all now that I got it in my hands. But hearing your reaction to the green bean book makes me reconsider.

    I LOVE that green bean! Life's funny little jokes. Love.

    • Jennifer Jo

      I've read Toast and didn't really like it either. That one was all about British candy (I think). This one is all about vegetables. And there are oodles of recipes.

  • Laurel

    Today I made carmelized cherry tomatoes, roasted roma sauce, and will be making roasted peaches for dessert this evening. Thank you friend! My cupboards too get filled with bowls of this and that. I thought I had cleaned it all up this morning with my canning and then I went back to the garden….peppers, cherry tomatoes, and berries in the fridge! Gotta smile at the ability to can/freeze and enjoy later!

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