the quotidian (6.25.12)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary; 
everyday; ordinary; commonplace 

Lots of rain alternating with lots of sun equals perfect weeding weather.

my workhorses
(and yes, she has shorts on under that shirt)

He fully embraces his gardening duties…for real.
He’s so dirty he’s practically wearing the garden.

What happens when the show is over
 and I bring home the theater make-up: makeovers for all.

A kid’s solution to hot weather: dump a bunch of water on the concrete porch
and then pretend it’s a water park.


His glory days are nearing their end: my husband had to actually work to win this match.

Extreme porch sports: take down the swing and use the remaining dangling chains to swing out over the yard…all while wearing too-big roller blades that are stuffed with dish towels to make them fit.

Our new grape arbor is working out splendidly!
(Now if we can just keep the kids from chucking the green grapes at each other…)

We left the boy alone to do his chores. When my husband came home,
this was how he found him: in the kitchen, surrounded by radios
so he could listen to music in stereo while doing the dishes.


  • Jules

    A grape arbor!! My husband wants to take out our wisteria and put in grapes on our arbor. What kind do you have? I would love to make grape jam from our own produce.

    • Jennifer Jo

      The grapes were already here when we brought the property, so I'm not sure what kind they are. Probably concord, or something very similar. They make fabulous grape jelly—I think it's become the family favorite.

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