the quotidian (6.19.12)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary; 
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

under construction: a dollhouse of flowers

how to make a piƱata, hickville-style: 
1. steal a plastic milk jug from the recycle bin
2. fill it with water
3. tie it to one end of a rope, the other end of which is fastened to a tree branch
4. with a stick, beat the living daylights out of it
5. Repeat with a new milk jug (because the first one is in pieces all over the yard)

if you give a girl a screwdriver… she’ll
a. become calm and focused
b. make a mess
c. get her papa to help her
d. all of the above

proof that he does in fact stop moving

They were talking about tea parties and painted fingernails and puppy dogs, right?
Wrong! They were deep in a conversation about…allergies!

a portrait of her parents 
by my younger daughter

(My favorite part, besides the fact that we’re kissing, not fighting, is the hearts in the eyeballs.)

(but doesn’t she look like she could be mine?) 

evening wrestling sessions
(I wasn’t joking when I said my sofa had a violent hole in it.)

This same time, years previous: cold-brewed iced tea and coffee, In honor of Father’s Day: the giant green slug, cabbage apple slaw with buttered pecans


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