the quotidian (6.11.12)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary; 
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

Hot weather struck. I made mint tea concentrate.

Some of our chickens have been laying eggs everywhere but in the nesting boxes. When my husband mowed the pen, he uncovered about four dozen eggs. We washed them up and then generously shared them with family members who, unlike me, don’t mind cracking risky eggs.

 Photo: by my cousin-in-law
Edits: by me

A Story:
I went to town and left the windows open. 
A storm blew up.
My husband got home before me so he had to clean it up.
End of story.

Sour cherries

I left these girls at home for a little and when I came back, this was what I found. They were wearing gowns and my boots, pretending to eat whole limes and heads of garlic (a makeshift fruit basket?) and drinking soda from a silver service (and adding sugar to it).

The boy somehow managed to load this bale of hay (and another one, too) on the trailer
and haul it up to the house all by himself.

A delicious opening night gift from my sister-in-law.
(And then her birthday came, and scatterbrained me forgot to wish her a happy birthday.)

Strawberry Cream Biscuits from Smitten Kitchen: I was not impressed. I’ve never really liked cooked strawberries and had high hopes that her recipe would change that, but it was a no go. The biscuits were bland and not flaky enough. Maybe with some added lemon zest and a scone base…

On our New York trip, we surprised the children by setting up the laptop and letting them watch movies. They were thrilled.

Really! They were thrilled.
(Harry Potter can just get a little intense sometimes.)

I love this picture that my son took. In the midst of all the people and chaos, and from across the room, he managed to catch both of his parents. I look like I’m sleeping, but I’m not, promise. 
I’m just deeply relaxed.

And then we left the cousins’ house and went to the grandparents…

Where my son was transported heavenward via a tractor relic (from 1947).

And the kids ate ice cream while watching Britain’s Got Talent with their Grandma. 
(They particularly liked the man with golden wings.)

This same time, years previous: sheet shortcake, fresh tomatillo salsa, white chocolate and dried cherry scones, stirring the pot (thoughts on homeschooling), preserving cilantro


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