the quotidian (5.21.12)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary; 
 everyday; ordinary; commonplace


lettuce, o beautiful lettuce


the face of luuuv
(and the reason I flinch when anyone puckers up in my general direction)

fork-feeding the chickens

I had high hopes for this pineapple mango salsa, 
but my husband and I both thought it a little flat. 
I probably did it wrong.

My husband looked out the window and this is what he saw: the kids had turned the porch swing around so it faced out into the front yard and were happily sailing over the forsythia.

white shirts for kids = the stupidest idea ever

I set my script on the roof of the car while I dug in my bag for my keys with one hand 
and shoved a cupcake into my mouth with the other. 
“You are going to forget you put it there,” I warned myself. 
And then I proceeded to do just that. 
Not until I was pulling out of the parking lot did it come crashing down 
and completely burst apart on the pavement. 
I was laughing so hard I could hardly pick up the papers. 
The end.


  • Penny

    LOVE the sailing over the azaleas. One if those things I would tell my kids to stop doing and then do myself as soon as they weren't looking.

  • Jen

    I have found that when I do a sweeter salsa that I need a little more heat and salt than I think I'm going to in order to round it out…. But the picture was really pretty 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I have to admit that I thought the salsa was awesome at first, but the next day it was much more bland–the jalepeno punch was completely gone. Also, I did not put in the mango until the next day and I thought that actually took away from the flavor. Next time it will be just pineapple, more jalepeno, and I will eat it right away…

    • Jennifer Jo

      I wondered if the mango was toning it down too much! I looked at a bunch of other recipes and most of them call only for pineapple.

    • Anonymous

      The mango was my addition, not in the orginal recipe. I liked it with the mango. It needs a little salt to perk it up and the jalepeno seeds need to be used too keep the flavor going. I wonder if the acid in the pineapple mellows the heat in the pepper? Either way, I love the stuff! I used a sweet onion vs a red onion. Not sure if that changes the flavor profile or not.
      L. in Elkton

  • the domestic fringe

    Your salsa looks good even if it was a little flat. Fork feeding the chickens, huh? That's a new one for me. I've decided dirty shirts = fun days.

  • Margo

    I just came across a strawberry salsa that my friend said is great. I'll report. I do want to love fruit salsa. There's a peach salsa that's good. But when I made a watermelon salad last year, we were not fans.

  • jennifer

    -lovin' the bed head look– my girl is sporting a similar look right now.
    -I feel the same way you do about white shirts for kids. Seriously.
    -So glad those pages appear to be numbered!

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