the quotidian (2.27.12)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary;
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

*morning sunlight through tired curtains
*a breakfast picnic
*the secret dirty life of my pots and pans
*look at that! They built me a cake! Black walnuts, mud, wild onions, poison (?) berries, and grass, mm-mm good
*don’t let the bare toes and lack of snow fool you—it really is winter, SEE THE SLED?
*showing off Brownie to a little visitor: you can read more about it here
*a sweet present from my hubby: there’s now a donut truck hanging out around the north end of town! Homemade donuts! With real potatoes in the dough! (or so I hear)
*Lucky Peach, the last part of my birthday present: the recipes are sparse (and weird), and the writing is irreverent (and r-rated) and informative and there’s lots of it—I’m loving it
*multitasking, and then the magazine slipped and nearly fell into the pot of macaroni
*in his father’s boots: two days on the job and all sorts of pride puffed
*playing with problems: he begs for math lessons (is it awful that my children have to beg to be allowed to learn?)
*my girlfriend came for lunch and I fed her some under-baked berry cobbler
*making brownies
*a bubbly, chemical-laden treat: chocolate straws (and is it awful that I give my kids chemicals for fun?)
*charwoman diva

This same time, years previous: for my daughter, butterscotch ice cream, creamy garlic soup (I want this right now), what I said


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