the quotidian (1.30.12)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary;
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

*trying to take silhouettes: I still can’t figure it out
*more card playing, with a cat centerpiece
*the royalty, crafting their paper crowns
*this week’s fort: a wind tunnel—all four kids, plus sleeping bags and cat, fit inside
*after the neighbor lady stopped by with a bunch of old magazines
*writing letters to city council members to request their support of the library
*sucky oranges (that’s what we called them when I was growing up): cut the top off of a juice orange, stab it all over inside, and suck as much juice out as possible before tearing it open and eating out the innards
*a fast lunch: leftover mashed potatoes + several beaten eggs = pancakes
*muffin experimentation: not a winner (though I learned something, so it’s not all failure)
*washing dishes: their assistance is no longer token
*babysitting: notice how she attached the pacifier to her sweatshirt
*bedtime stories: he reads the girls the mermaid books they crave, bless his heart
*musical beds

This same time, years previous: curried lentils, orange cranberry biscotti

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  • Jen

    I must tell you that I love your quotidian posts – they are probably some of my favorites. But one little thing would make them even better – if the caption were adjacent to the picture – I know that my laziness in scrolling up and down is my very own problem – but felt that I would merely mention it as the one possible thing that you could do to enhance my experience as your reader. 🙂

    And seriously, I actually do read your blog every day. Thanks for writing it.

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