the quotidian (1.2.12)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary;
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

*the “dining room” table: peppernuts, orange-chocolate chunk cookies (recipe needs some tweaking), my new (and much loved) Good to the Grain Cookbook, my current novel (Middlesex).
*to calm a fussy baby: twinkle lights and the cold night air
*still-life art: a dinosaur in green marker
*living-life art, part I: Renaissance Man
*living-life art, part II: Renaissance Man, with Navel Orange Bosoms
*Christmas Goodies Galore
*family: all a-jumble (don’t be deceived by the boy’s closed eyes—he was very much not asleep)
*a professional cut: after staring at her chopped hair for a couple days, and with Sunday fast approaching, I rushed her into town for a real haircut. I’m so glad I did.
*her papa: “You’re beautiful!”
*story time: my mother, in her element
*New Year’s Eve: he was wearing the earmuffs in order to block out the sounds of me watching Glee

This same time, years previous: loose ends, maybe not a true confession


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