crazier than usual (updated)

It’s gotten a little crazy inside my head. Crazier than usual, I mean. It’s all good stuff (from a writer’s perspective), but I’ve been moving around slowly, trying to keep the spinning top that is my head from popping off.

Take, for example, this one 24-hour period in which I:

*worked on an article for a local magazine
*drunk way too much coffee
*read a radio interview transcript (and was appalled by how casually and effortlessly I butcher the English language)
*had trouble sleeping
*wrote a potential guest post for another blog
*met with a newspaper editor
*wrote the (rough) first piece for my food column

That’s right, FOR MY FOOD COLUMN! Every other week I get to write about food for the flavor section of our local paper! I queried them and they said no and then they said yes and now I’m trying to figure out a title for the column, which will be stories from my life and down-to-earth, made-from-scratch recipes. Any ideas?

Last night my brain was fried, so I turned off the computer early and watched What About Bob?, and then I dreamed I was passed out on the floor and everyone was trying to figure out what was wrong with me.

Update: The guest post is up and running! It’s a Biting Confession. Literally.

This same time, years previous: fig-and-anise pinwheels, ginger-cream scones, a pragmatic man


  • Beth Brubaker

    That is AWESOME! I'd love to get a foot in the door at my local paper! WOOHOO for you! And on one of your favorite subjects too! Are you also the photographer of the dishes you write about? If not, you should be! 🙂

  • Natasha

    Oh my gosh, you will be awesome at writing a food column! Your food makes me drool every time I stop by!

    Hmmm… title ideas, eh? Lemme see what I can think of and I'll get back to you. Right now, I'm stuck at "Finger Lickin'" but there's got to be better titles than that!

  • Mama Pea

    Uh-oh. Methinks you are about to be "discovered." Please don't forget us lowly readers when you rise to wealth and stardom.

    Loved your guest post on Motley Mama. (I'm trying not to make an association between you and Mike Tyson.)

  • Anonymous

    I congratulate you publically for all your new adventures. May the words flow from you like the syrup from a pancake. Ok, its too early for all that…Great job, anyway!

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