the quotidian (11.16.11)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary;
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

*blue, blue, oh so blue!, autumn skies: but today they are heavy and dark with rain
*the fruits of my (much needed) inspiration to clean out my spice cupboard, thanks to Aimee of Simple Bites
*an apple pie, ready for the oven
*fixing the wheelbarrow tire: he hooked up the air compressor all by himself (and without me knowing) and then used it correctly, too
*slicing apples for the dehydrator
*cozy reading time
*caramel popcorn cooling on the table: decreasing the popcorn and (unintentionally, I promise!) increasing the butter makes for some out-of-this-world deliciousness
*a trash can lid hat
*gorgeous green, good for both my eyes and my tummy. (Bonus, my kids love them, too.)
*after an evening of guests: the table, still dressed and lit. As we’ve had a lot of company in the last couple weeks, we’ve been burning candles endlessly. I light them as soon as I get up in the morning to make the cold, dark mornings a little more inviting.

This same time, years previous: a homeschooling experiment report 


  • Jennifer Jo

    Cookie baker Lynn and Shirley, Thank you!

    And what you said, Shirley, about my post leaving you in "a meditative, appreciative state"—well, I'm so often NOT there myself that it makes me giggle that I could make someone else feel like that. I mean, I'm aspiring to that, of course, so your words are a wonderful compliment. But I'm kind of shaking my head, too.

  • Anonymous

    I found you again after too much absence, Jennifer Jo. Your photos and your well-chosen words leave me in a meditative, appreciative state. Thank you.

    They also connect me with my own childhood and early motherhood as I write my memoir. Thank you for that, also.


  • Jennifer Jo

    Katie, That's YOUR lettuce (it was incredibly delicious) and some store-bought. Also, what a neat description of the pie—I like it.

  • katie

    Is your lettuce back up and running? I'm really enjoying the subtle translucent, with slight stained glass, effect on the top crust of that pie.

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