the quotidian (10.25.11)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary;
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

*a homemade parachute, a windy day, and a boy with a dream
*a toilet-side game of Uno
*a police helmet: which reminds me of a certain beloved children’s picture book (I’ll give you three guesses)
*supper fixings: the celery and onions are for the potato soup, the glass of red is for me
*freshly dusted marshmallows
*restocking the jelly cupboard
*the first frost and the last garden salad, sob
*the blind piano tuner at work: within minutes of him setting up shop, I found my oldest daughter walking through the kitchen with her eyes squinched shut and a mop in her hand, tap-tap-tapping the floor, and my younger daughter was fumbling around the back hall, a large hankie covering her eyes. The kids are intrigued by the thought that they could take off all their clothes and run around naked and he wouldn’t ever know. (I didn’t let them try it.)
*the first piercings: a surprise for the girls, their papa’s treat (the younger daughter chickened out, but then, she hadn’t been incessantly begging for the adornments like her big sister)
*take it to the microscope: what any good princess does after getting bitten by a spider
*team work
*a rainbow!
*math lessons made easier by holding a sleeping baby
*eating breakfast while trying to stay warm: here’s to hoping he doesn’t topple

This same time, years previous: cheddar cheese fondue, apple tart with cider-rosemary glaze, my oldest son’s birth story


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