a silly supper

I hardly cooked all week long. One night we had scrambled eggs and toast for supper. Another night there was a hot dog roast at a friend’s house. And yet another night we had a sit-down dinner of caramel popcorn and apples and peanut butter. So high end, we are.

Here’s the bowl of peanut butter. A small child could drown in it.

I was mixing a big tub of whole wheat peanut butter (meaning, all-natural) with a jar of sugary store-bought peanut butter (so the oil doesn’t separate out as much) when supper time swung around, so I just plunked the whole bowl down in the middle of the table. The kids ate it by the serving spoon full. And they finished off a good six to eight (maybe ten?) apples and all but two cups of the popcorn. They were so full that no one even made mention of a bedtime snack.

What are your favorite snacky suppers? Or, “silly suppers,” as my husband grew up calling them.

This same time, years previous: brown sugar syrup (our standard syrup recipe)


  • Margo

    ha – I'm going to use that term. We always have popcorn Sunday nights with whatever we can scrounge that doesn't require utensils. Then there is usually ice cream involved.

    That's a clever peanut butter idea too. Do you keep it in the fridge then?

  • Amber

    Our "silly supper" on Sun. night consists of popcorn and what we call "yogurt sundaes". They are homemade yogurt which we then top with toppings of choice. Granola, coconut, choco chips, raisins, craisins, nuts, cherry pie filling/sauce, canned fruit…. you name it.

  • Anonymous

    You mean like tonights supper? Fried apples in caramel sauce. I think I will eat a bowl of cereal in a little bit. My cousins always had to eat cereal for Sunday night supper, always thought that was weird, but totally get it now!
    L. in Elkton

  • Mama Pea

    We eat apple slices and peanut butter a lot for a silly lunch. Does that count? For a silly supper, once in a while we'll have a big ol' bowl of popcorn . . . not caramel corn, darn . . . just fresh popped and seasoned with salt and butter. (Wish I could get by with that more often!)

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