the quotidian (10.10.11)

Quotidian: daily, usual or customary;
everyday; ordinary; commonplace

After what has felt like endless weeks of rain and clouds, we are finally having classic autumn: brilliant blue skies, crisp air, and lots and lots of sun. All of which is enhanced by the wearing of bright pink skirts.


The kids built a papa (kind of like how Pedro built a cake)…

…and then they cozied up to it for story time as a silly surprise
for the real papa when he came home from work.


Sudden blossoming: what happens when I send my daughter
out to the garden for two tomatoes.


Friendship, with a mud cake to celebrate.


The kid loves physical touch, but it gets over-the-top oppressive at times (as can be noted by the consternated look on my face).




Kitchen pyromania: Mr. Handsome kept hollering, “You’ll burn up the microwave! Watch out! WATCH OUT!” while simultaneously snapping a bunch of blurry photos.


Ink pot and quill pen, plus the ink-stained fingers to go with.
So Shakespearean, yes?


Making lemon curd for the very first time. Why did I wait so long?

This same time, years previous: apple pie (I made two today)


  • Jennifer Jo

    Margo, I was making bananas foster—so exciting. And the lemon curd was for Mr. Handsome's (failed) birthday cake.

    Suburban Correspondent, Why, thank you!

  • Margo

    oh my gorsh – that first photo is my favorite photo of all time. I just adore it. I wish you will make a print of it. . .

    what was the pyromania all about? I love your husband's reaction!!

    and what did you do with your lemon curd? I made gingerbread for dessert tonight. We had it with applesauce, but it's fantastic with lemon curd 🙂

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