Lately, our life

Me and my camera got all sorts of close and cuddly this weekend (and beyond). Here are some of the things we observed together.

*This picture cracks me up.

It’s the pants.

I took the picture without evening noticing, and then when I was uploading (downloading, transferring, whatever) my pictures, I saw the obvious and about peed myself. One kid wearing cut off sweats and the other two kids each wearing one of the pink cast off legs…on their heads. While playing with chicks.

It is a perfect depiction of my children. This is who they are.

You know how people joke about all the therapy their kids will need as a result of having been raised by such inept fools as themselves? I’ve come to believe the joke has it backwards. It’s the parents who will need the therapy once the kids leave home. Especially if their kids are the type to wear pink pant legs on their heads while playing with chicks.

*I’ve been feeding my kids fluffernutter sandwiches and am now a saint in their little blue eyes.

I bought the goopy poison to make a hot fudge sauce (I was not wowed) and then we had leftover hot dog buns and, well, happiness happened.

There was also tabbouleh (so the fluffernutter naysayers among you don’t totally freak out).

My husband didn’t like it. In fact, he took one bite and immediately sprinted to the sink to spit.

“It tastes like parsley!” he said disgustedly.

“That’s ‘cause it is, m’dear,” I chirped sweetly.

And then I got to eat the whole batch all by myself, yum.

*On Saturday, there was a morning birthday breakfast for a dear friend.

I drank way too much coffee but the buzz was worth the headache I got later. (‘Cause there’s pills for that, you know.)

*Also on Saturday, my parents closed on their thirteen acre property that’s just two measly miles from our house! And then they immediately turned into boxcar children who done did growed up.

They’ve been clearing the land via scythe (my dad) and machete (my mom!). They set up a tent, built a fire pit, and made a sorry failure of a latrine. They even skipped church on Sunday. “I’ll be going to the Church of the Roaring Saw,” my dad said.

Ground breaking for their hut is scheduled to start next summer. Or maybe the next, depending. But if I had my druthers, it’d be tomorrow. Or yesterday.

*My mother told the story of the crooked mouth family to my baby.

He hung on her every word, quietly and unknowingly imitating her mouth contortions.

This blurry picture, the closing shot of the story, sums up perfectly why I can’t wait for my parents to move here.

*This child filled the tub and then went swimming in it. Totally not allowed.

But it happened anyway. Obviously.

And then she got her grandaddy to brush her hair.

*I’ve been steadily storing up my red raspberries, to the tune of an ample quart every other day.

Why do people want jewels when they can have red raspberries?

It doesn’t sound like much, but it adds up sho’ nuff.

*While I was picking this morning’s berries, the two littles mucked it up real good.

We’ve had two delicious rains and the ditch that the kids and the Fresh Air girl dug together got right puddly. I told the kids they could play in it as long as they didn’t get too muddy.

What a stupid thing to say.

I ignored them while they made muck cakes and muck ponds and muck muck, only periodically muttering stuff like, “Not in the hair,” and, “I’d rather you didn’t sit down.” But I knew I was in real trouble when I heard them talking about sunblock, as in, “Here, you need some more sunblock on your legs…”

They needed two baths after that—one outside and one inside. Geesh.

*Today was salsa day, three big old batches of the stuff.

The kids worked right along with me. In fact, I didn’t have to chop any of the tomatoes myself.

And that, my friends, is what I call progress.

Over and out.

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  • Anonymous


    1) There are people in these pictures who bear a certain resemblance to people that I knew in a previous life.

    2) Fluffernutter is a awesome.

    3) Jewels may be exchanged for more red raspberries.

    4) I am happily able to follow your family on two blogs now. And as a bonus, I sometimes get to see my sister and her children in the other one.


  • Jennifer Jo

    Margo, I freeze them. We sprinkle them on top of our granola, into muffins, and in fruit salads. When I'm in the mood to splurge, I make them into a pie.

  • Margo

    mmm – I love me some marshmallow chemicals mixed with cream cheese, oh yes, and then FRUIT dipped in.

    I used to allow my kids to get totally hogged up in the yard, but this year, I have been responding to them the exact same ineffectual way as you described (down to the same comments!!). Am I getting old and prissy? I always swore I would not let dirt get in the way of the fun, but oh man, the baths and dirty laundry are so constant around here.

    We've gotten a few jewels off our new raspberry bushes – I am so excited! But I doubt we'll ever get to a several quarts a week. Do you freeze them all? And then what do you like to do with them?

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