In my kitchen (and barn)

*caramelized onions destined for the freezer—because what else is there to do when the entire onion patch is going mushy rotten?
*for breakfast: the first ear of corn, uncooked and scraped off the cob for a toothless child with rumbled hair
*roasted corn (from the filled-to-bursting sack my brother gave us) on its way to becoming a salad (yes, I am the insane woman who cranks her oven up to 450 degrees over the blazing hot noon hour, yikes)
*granola breakfast bread
*scalloped eggs
*dark chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting (and, not yet added, chocolate buttercream and chocolate ganache) for the the new parents at church
*shocking beet hummus
*baby chicks!
*baby chick on barn floor—thanks to that photo, I’m seriously wishing my concrete counter tops were slate gray instead of red
*panting (or making a face so your mom will cease and desist with all the obnoxious picture taking)

P.S. The barn is not my domain. At all. But my husband forgot to set up for the chicks that were coming so this morning, in the midst of kneading bread and boiling eggs and digging potatoes, I set up a little nest for them. It’s a slapdash affair, one that involves torn strips of cardboard and a glass pie plate for their feed. I’ll let my husband fix them up a proper nest when he gets home tonight.

This same time, years previous: homemade shampoo and conditioner, braised cabbage, salvation’s chocolate chip cookies


  • Marie M.

    Let's see. Your husband is working on a roof in 100 degree plus heat. Dear god. You are cooking. I'm part shocked and part impressed and all so happy I live on the West coast where today it's going to be 68 degrees F.

    p.s. What happened to the home-made shampoo and conditioner? Are you still using them?

  • Nicole

    That is indeed shocking beet hummus. Adorable chicks, ours are not so cute anymore and now one of our hens is making a really funny sound in the mornings….Molly may be a Wally…sigh.

  • Margo

    I do corn on the grill to get that roasted effect and keep heat out of the house – going to post on it soon.
    We didn't care for the beet hummus last summer – how do you makes yours? Maybe I should try again. It's such a disturbing food.

  • Christy

    Do tell about the Granola Breakfast bread….
    love granola
    love breakfast
    love bread…

    How could THAT be bad? ;o)

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