Like wearing a cloud

I’m feeling a little frisky today so I took a picture of me in my new nightie for you to see.

(Please pay no mind to the piles of clothes and sheets and pillows and books—I was in the middle of dunging out when I paused to let you in.)

Isn’t it lovely? It’s wispy and playful, just like the cottony clouds that have been tumbling across the fabulously blue skies.

I got it at a thrift store for four bucks thinking I’d wear it over a flowy summer skirt, or jeans, perhaps. Only it was so flimsy that it bunched up whenever it touched any other fabric, so a nightie it is.

I’d been wanting a large throw-on tee, or some such thing, to, you know, throw on after my evening shower. A shirt that would be lightweight and yet modest enough to wear around the rest of the family. A shirt that passing drivers could catch a glimpse of through our windows and not crash.

This little dress more than fits the bill. All day long I look forward to the evening when I’ll get to wear it.

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  • Margo

    So pretty – perfect for the verdant Virginia hills. . . OK, I'm all about the at-home clothes! I blogged about several things like this that I wear for the same reasons you do, one of which was a huge caftan that was so unflattering I wouldn't model it for the camera – no wonder, considering I made it from almost an entire sheet. It's air-conditioned, I tell you.

  • judy

    Your so naughty ,but it looks so feminine,how could any one pass this up at a thrift store- I live in thrift stores!half of my closet is thrift store,SHOP ON

  • Jennifer Jo

    I know! With long sleeves and a liner, you'd think I'd be roasting. But it's like wearing AIR. For reals!

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