It’s 80 degrees and the flies are thick as thieves.

Laundry is on the line. My house is mostly clean. The fridge is stuffed with leftovers.

Bread is cooling. Granola is done. Yogurt is yogurtizing.

The asparagus is up.

Horses like carrots.

Happy Monday!


  • Marie M.

    You are sooo productive — could you please bottle some of your energy, I could sure use it. It's 80 degrees F? Huh? It's not summer yet — where do you live? Would fans help the fly problem? Like ceiling fans or air- conditioning? I'm all for hanging my cloths to line dry . . . but I wouldn't live without air-conditioning if I lived somewhere HOT!

  • Margo

    whaaaat? did you get a horse? have a horse?

    my husband potted a plant indoors using the unfinished compost – I got flies everywhere. sighhhh

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