Baby love

This little rosebud has been hanging out at our house this week.

She’s a peach.

A sweetie pie.

A sugar drop.

Even though she’s a piece of cake (excuse me, but the sweetness analogy aboundeth—I can not help myself) to take care of, I’m frazzled.

It’s my kids, see. They have some serious Baby Love Issues.

It’s like this: they all want to hold her, touch her, stick their fingers in her mouth, give her a bottle, put her down for nap, play peek-a-boo, change her diaper, carry her, sing to her, play the piano for her, push her in the stroller, make her laugh, make her stop crying, take her jacket off, put her shoes on, shake rattles in her face, wipe her drool… and so on.

I’m about ready to go out of my mind. Yesterday I squawked at Nickel who was leaving me and the baby no personal space whatsoever, “Will you get back! Just move AWAY.”

He threw his head back (he was smack-dab up against me so in order to see my face he had to tilt his face to the sky) and wailed, “I can’t stand of the baby!”

“What can’t you stand of the baby?” I inquired.

“‘Cause it’s here and it’s so neat!”

That’s pretty much how all the kids feel about Miss Rosy Cheeks, Honey Pie, Sugar Cakes, Hunk O’ Love. (And that goes for me, too. I’m smitten.)

When she went down for a nap today, the kids sagged. They asked when she’d wake up. They waited. They puttered. My oldest son begged to be allowed to just go in and look at her, take a picture of her, do something. I said no, and gave them an early lunch to help ease the monotony. Still, they hovered.

“That’s it!” I shouted in a stage-hiss. This is not helpful. You guys are all old enough to help with a baby, but I am not going to sit around to help you be helpful. If I need to watch you then I’m going to give you jobs so I can at least watch you doing something helpful. Got it?

They kind of got it, but not really. The baseboards got dusted, courtesy of a certain little boy who would not leave the room, and I did some threatening and wild gesticulating, but I am typing this so something is working.

Oops. I wrote that too soon.

Suddenly all four kids are milling about, poking Little Miss Buttercup and offering her kisses and toys, the poor dear. Better run…

Sugar Drop’s Secret Service Agent

This same time, years previous: grape kuchen and coconut brownies


  • Marie M.

    Ooooooh. Could I, could I, could I, oh pretty pleeease hold her, too? Just for one minute. (Her eyes remind me of my son's when he was a baby, many moons ago.)

  • Margo

    soooo funny! I adore the little conversation with Nickel- babies ARE neat 🙂
    She doesn't seem to be crying (maybe it's off-photo??) so maybe she likes all the attention. Kids and babies are something else. My kids are baby crazy too. . . and animal crazy. I wonder which would be easier. . .

  • Mama Pea

    What an absolutely beautiful baby! I think it's amazing and wonderful that all your kiddlies want to give her so much attention. I'm not sure exactly what that says, but I think it's good. Hmmm, maybe if you had one more little bambino, you could just give it to your first four and they would be occupied for years! (Sorry. It was just a suggestion.) :o}

  • Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig

    Oh my gosh…she is too cute! No wonder they all want to be around her!

    And can I just say…I love how you speak to your kids?! Nice to know I'm in good company… 🙂

  • Kate

    Oh my word, that's exactly how I was when I was a kid. I always wanted to be touching, loving, holding, taking care of any baby in view. I remember praying multiple times for God to PLEASE leave me an orphan at our front door for me to take care of.

  • Susan

    Good lord! What an amazingly beautiful baby! I don't blame your kids – and how (really) wonderful that they are so smitten.

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