Our house lately

There have been a lot of beer bottles decorating our house lately.

Actually, I think it’s only two but it feels like more since they’re always sitting around. My brother bought some bottles when he came this weekend (this is my brother—

the kids adore him), and I think we managed to collectively drank one with our soft pretzel supper.

But then I made beer cupcakes (the cake part was luscious, but the icing was a little too boozy for my tastes) and that was another bottle.

And then Sweetsie got the brilliant idea to rinse them out and top them off with water and walk around the house taking swigs of brown-bottled water. It was a little disconcerting, but I didn’t say too much.

Though now that I think of it, Miss Beccaboo walked into the kitchen the other day smoking a straw (or was it a stick?) so maybe I ought to be concerned?

Miss Beccaboo is still sewing. Though the other day I think she spent most of her sewing time taking apart the machine—as long as she cleans it all up (and doesn’t break anything), I stay mum.

Oh yes, and here’s the sock monkey she made.

Isn’t it darling?

Even though I can’t finish it off all the way (because I don’t know how), I’m done with my scarf.

To keep my hands occupied during evening reading, I picked up Yo-Yo’s cast-off knitting project and set to. I sat on the floor and knitted while Nickel quietly filled a couple feet of my yarn with slipknots, sneaky kid. (I’ve found him putting slipknots in electrical cords, too.)

Most mornings, over our breakfast of granola and yogurt, I read to the kids from this book.

It’s a collection of short stories about real-life peacemakers.

I crave stories like these—the stories stand out in stark contrast to the teachings of retaliation and me-me-me-isms that our culture would have us believe—and am always on the lookout for more. (Suggestions, anyone?)

Recently, we’ve been introduced to Professor Noggin, a card fact game.

I bought four games, but there are loads of others to choose from. How we play it is this: I read each kid a question and if they get the answer right, they get to keep the card. Simple, no? Questions are divided into easy and hard categories, so all four kids can play.

I like The Human Body game best, but the kids love Creatures of Myth and Legend—they kick my butt at that game.

This same time, years previous: oatmeal pancakes


  • dr perfection

    Like Beccaboo, I tried to smoke sticks as a child, so don't worry, it's normal. Oh wait…I did go on to smoke cigs for 15 years as an adult.

    I like to read the stuff about your homelife, since it's just me and Charlie here. He's good company, but he sucks at most games and he doesn't like to read or be read to.

  • Anonymous

    Rainbow Resources is the best place to buy the Professor Noggin games. Even my husband likes playing them in the car on trips or around the campfire.

    Love the sock monkey BeccaBoo!
    L in ELkton

  • The Renwicks

    Very happy that your precious girl just keeps on sewing! So very good for her… I get motivated every time I see her sweet little creations. Spring cleaning first – fun later. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Those games sound awesome!!! I'm going to check them out. I wouldn't worry too much about your kids "vices", my kids smoke sticks and things too. I somehow think they'll outgrow it. I kinda remember doing the same when I was a kid. Well, I would also open paper clips and shape them to my teeth, because I wanted braces. After 4 years of the real deal, I wish I hadn't that!

  • Jennifer Jo

    Mavis, Re #3: Yes, that is the Freak. And no, he's not vegetarian. In fact, while he was at our house he bought 6 pounds of ground beef and made 2 giant meatloaves. (He also made a giant salad, a giant bowl of corn, a giant bowl of mashed potatoes, and two sour cherry desserts.)

    Margo, I added your book suggestions to my library list. I'm making a run today.

    And about the cupcakes, some of the kids loved the icing and some others didn't. I liked the flavor, but it was a little too strong. I think it would be fine with some cream subbed in for some of the beer.

    Mavis and Karen, I'm reading your sweet comments to Miss Beccaboo. We have the directions to make more monkeys, so we'll see…

  • Karen

    I absolutely love that sock monkey she made! Seriously, that is probably the coolest sock monkey I have ever seen. Another Etsy store in the works?

  • Margo

    for the longest time, I had to look up in my knitting reference book how to cast off (finish) knitting. I wish I could show you – I would feel so clever! Because my knitting knowledge is pretty basic.

    Those cupcakes look YUM, although I see the icing got mixed reviews. I think I will make these for my husband who loves dark beer.

    We have the Big Book for Peace, which is collections of poems, art, and stories; it has all levels, so some things Ben understands and other things I save for later. Also, see if you can get your hands on a book called Beautiful Junk, a story of the Watts towers. It's not technically about peace, but it's along those lines and it's amazing.

  • Mavis

    #1 In reference to the beer… I always pegged you for a lush… glad to see me suspicions are true…

    #2 Tell Miss Becca Boo the monkey is wonderful… will there be more monkeys? I think she should start a colony…

    #3 Is that a picture of the Freak? Is he a vegetarian? He looks rather tall and lean…

    #4 I like the scarf… not only does it match the couch… but I bet it would look lovely with a wool coat… perhaps during pumpkin season… Well done.

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