Christmas 2010

Slightly adapted from an email I sent to my aunt

The kids ate almost all their Christmas candy and brushed their teeth with their new battery-powered toothbrushes. (The Baby Nickel carries his singing toothbrush around like it’s a portable radio.)

They didn’t like the chocolate-covered pretzel sticks I made them, but they did like their new socks.

Mr. Handsome made a ham, and I burned the ham and the bread.

We stacked wood.

Yo-Yo (accidentally) took out the front porch’s middle post with the mower.

Mr. Handsome threw a log on my hand and I have the purple knuckle to prove it.

We ate the ham, which was delicious.

We played games and read books.

The kids went to bed and I listed more jewelry on etsy while Mr. Handsome watched a Harry Potter movie with headphones on. Sexy.

Merry Christmas!

This same time, years previous: windows at dusk-time


  • Jennifer Jo

    Suburban Correspondent, just two hours of snow. But it fell at peak charm time, between 6 and 8 am on Christmas morning. Loved it.

    Mavis, I'll get back to you… (or rather, Yo-Yo will).

    Michelle, bread on fire? Now THAT'S amazing.

    The funny thing is, after 1 1/2 hours of oven time, the bread, though dark and a bit dry around the edges, was still perfectly edible. The kids even ate the crusts without saying a word! It must have something to do with it being sourdough because I know my regular yeasted bread would've been inedible.

  • Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig

    I burn bread nearly every time…one time even to the point of it catching on fire and me having to run it out the back door and toss it on the grass!

    Sorry about your knuckle…

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