Laid flat

I’m getting old and thith ith how I know: the common cold hath laid me flat.

Ithn’t that awful? Thinthe when did a ‘notty nothe keep me glued to the thofa? Thinthe never, that’th when. But now that I’m 35, I thniff onthe and collapthe in a heap. It’th pathetic.

Would it drive you much crazy if I wrote through my nothe for the entirety of thith potht? Yeth?

Yeah, well, me too. I’ll stop now and talk like a normal, non-stuffy person even though I’m a decrepit, congested, blow-my-nose-so-hard-my-ears-pop woman. A veritable Wimp O’ Woman, if you will.

In case you haven’t already gathered this, I don’t handle being sick too well. Resting for several hours is fun and wonderful, but resting for two days is torture. There’s nothing to do! It’s boring! I wasn’t sick enough that I could stop thinking of all sorts of things that I wanted to do but not well enough that I could muster the energy to do them. It was a limbo-ing place to be and I hate being in limbo.

The good thing was that my mom had Yo-Yo and Sweetsie at her place for much of the time (not because I was sick—it just happened that way) so I was able to rest up real good. The bad thing was that I didn’t get done all of the stuff I wanted to do during my 50% kid reduction days, things like bake and sort clothes and read books and write and bask in the half-empty house.

Miss Beccaboo fixing herself a scrambled egg feast. She loves it when I relinquish the kitchen.

So I focused on the one thing I could control: getting better. I drowned myself in cups of tea and quart jars of very diluted juice, transforming my solid-rock tummy into a distended, jiggly, gurgly mess. I steam bathed my head in tea tree oil-infused water. I nixed the Halloween candy (sent it all to work with Mr. Handsome just to be on the safe side) and dairy products (minus some Provolone cheese to go with my crackers to go with my weak juice. I slept.

The Baby Nickel is still not fully recovered from his Sunday Night Vomit Marathon. He’s laid around with his eyes and jeans at half-mast for most of the week.

Today all the kids are back (goodness, they’re loud). I oversaw an abbreviated version of lessons, put two chickens on to boil, watched an episode of I Love Lucy, and am now, at this very minute, drinking my first cup of coffee in three long days. Glory be!

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  • Mama Pea

    Methinks you have some germs floating around in your house. First the little guy and now you. Sure hope they don't affect all the others, too.

    I really do think it's hard for most of us of the female gender to be sick. Even when we're close to death's door, we think we SHOULD be doing something rather than wasting time trying to hang on to life by a thread. ;o)

  • beth

    enjoy that cup of coffee and feel better soon. I know what you mean about being sick and frustrated you can't do anything!! I get migraines frequently and feel like my time is Sooooo wasted as I lay down to try and get rid of the blasted things!!! My mind runs around but my body has to be still…..:/

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