I’m not going to be able to not talk about food for the couple of weeks while I wait for my new computer to get here. I just can’t. This means that any new recipes I post will be pictureless. (My computer is so full that it’s groaning. It spazzes out if I try to upload even one itty-bitty picture.)

This grieves me. I love to look at pictures of food. I love to take pictures of food. I love to write around pictures of food. But it’s just not happening.

Perhaps I’ll update these posts later with pictures, but perhaps not. It depends on many things, such as the amount of time I have on my hands and whether or not I remember. I’m just a reed, blowin’ in the wind….

(Now, on May 17, new and improved, with pictures!)

Two Sundays ago I was polishing off a bag of Stacy’s Simply Naked Pita chips while sitting on the sofa in the downstairs bedroom. Shortly thereafter a gigantic kettle of boiling chicken broth exploded across the kitchen. Because I was staring at the bag when the eruption occurred, the image of that empty bag of pita chips is now seared into my brain for eternity.

Those pita chips became an obsession. I wanted to make them. I had to make them. I googled and read and googled some more. Everything I read said they were a cinch to prepare. So I bought a bag of pita bread, coated the pitas with melted butter, sprinkled them with lots of salt, hacked them up, and popped them in the oven.

That evening when Mr. Handsome mentioned he was kind of hankering for a snack, I scurried to change into my birthday suit, wrap myself up in plastic wrap, and fetch him the jar of chips.

Okay, so only the last part was true. But really, that scene from Fried Green Tomatoes where the plump wife outfits herself in nothing but plastic wrap in hopes that her husband will notice her is one of my favorite parts. That and the part where she repeatedly rams her car into the back of another car that dared to take her parking space.

So I gave Mr. Handsome the chips, listened to him crunch for a minute and then said, “So waddaya think? Are they as good as the bought chips?”

“No,” he said. I wrinkled my nose and turned back towards the sink. Darn, I’d have to do some more experimenting.

“They’re better.”

Yes! I did it! I can make pita chips better than Stacy! I’m a naked pita chip superhero!

And now, by following the simple instructions outlined below, you can be a superhero, too!

If, for whatever reason, the chips don’t turn out exactly right, remember—there’s always plastic wrap.

With pesto torte

Naked Pita Chips

I used Toufayan pitas, but I think any pita would work. Do not, however, substitute the pitas with flatbread; flatbreads do not have the air pocket and are therefore not as light and crispy.

1 12-ounce bag of pita bread (about six pitas)
4 tablespoons butter, melted

Brush both sides of each pita with the melted butter. Cut the pitas into wedges or squares. Pile them on a cookie sheet and sprinkle generously with salt. If there is any remaining butter, drizzle it over the pile of cut pitas. Use all of the butter.

Bake the pita chips at 200 degrees for 2-3 hours, tossing every hour, until dry through and through. And then toast them a little more. They have to be dry, dry, dry.

Add more salt as needed.

Cool the chips to room temperature before storing in an airtight container.

Serve these with hot artichoke dip, pesto torte, and/or baked brie. Or abandon the adornments and eat them buck naked.

The chips, I mean, not you.

About one year ago: Mr. Handsome’s sandwich


  • Margo

    heeeelarious! Thanks for a good laugh!
    And a good recipe, too. . .

    Sometimes when I want something like pita with hummus, I make pizza dough (from More with Less) and just brush it with olive oil and prick it, bake slightly shorter, and hey presto! Pita (doesn't really have a pocket).

  • KTdid

    Oh, I so feel for you and your poignant and pathetic pictureless-posting predicament!
    (I've been there!)


  • Cookie baker Lynn

    I'm with Mavis. A photo of Naked (wrapped-in-Saran-wrap) Pita Chip Super Hero would be just a bit too much information. 😉

    I'll have to try these for my snack-happy family.

  • Jennifer Jo

    Farmgirl Cyn, It's easy to make pita! There are lots of good recipes out there. Go for it!

    Dear Coupon Crack Queen, Are you suggesting that I wouldn't look good in plastic wrap? Huh? I happen to believe I would look absolutely sweltering, er, stunning. Not that I've ever tried. But I might if I get desperate enough.

    And yes! I have a recipe AND pictures for hummus—a post that never got around to happening. I'll get busy on it. Hold tight!

  • It's me ...Mavis

    Dear Naked Pita Chip Super Hero…

    (thank you Jesus that her computer cannot upload photos at this time)… Do you have a recipe for Hummus? I've seen those chips served with Hummus before and want to try and make it.

    The Coupon Crack Queen

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