Life, interrupted

The wind whistles and shrieks, whipping the snow into such a froth that for several moments at a time it feels we are living in a cloud. The porch swing thumps eerily against the side of the house and a dangling phone wire lashes the north side of the house like it means to inflict serious harm.

We are prepared for the power to go out: glass jars are filled with water, the floors are swept, the children are bathed, a load of laundry is drying by the fire. The kids walk around with flashlights, nervous they’ll be left in the dark. I check email obsessively, wanting to be totally up-to-date (though on what, I’m not sure) when our internet tower blows over and leaves me in the dark yet again.

I was marveling to Mr. Handsome tonight that it’s such a big deal when we are actually hindered by something bigger than us—in this case a snowstorm. People the world over deal with this type of disruption on a daily basis and it’s often much worse, I said, and I was thinking about the Bosnian war, the Indonesian tsunami, the Haitian earthquake.

But, he pointed out, it’s usually not because of snow—it’s transportation or not enough money or what have you.

Yes, I said, but we aren’t used to having to give up anything. We come and go whenever we want.

But not now, we don’t, no sirreebob. We are frozen stock-still in our tracks.

It’s a different place to be.


  • Mama Pea

    The weather still controls our life, doesn't it?

    Sunshine? Great day to spend on the beach.

    Sun broiling hot? Better head for home before we get crispy.

    Delightful breeze? Let the housecleaning go and sit out on the deck to cool off.

    Welcomed rainfall? Better go check the sump pump in the basement.

    And then the starkly gorgeous snowstorm. Sure hope the power stays on!

  • Mr. H.

    Wow, it really does look like a wasteland out there with all the snow, wind, and drifts. I hope you are able to keep the power on…it sounds like you are prepared though. By the way, love your header picture. We are very anxious to try your mocha pudding cake…my wife just saw your recipe and is excited to make it as it sounds so delicious.

  • beth

    My husband is there in Virginia for work. He's stuck in a hotel, Poor thing. Thanks for the pictures. Helps me Feel and picture it a little more, since I don't watch the news. Must be hard to be housebound. 🙁 Anything like those little house on the prairie books?

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