Sick computer

My internet connection has the bipolar disease.

I know this is true because my internet connection (usually) starts out working well, loading page after page of internet reads, but then, after five minutes or forty-five minutes or an hour and forty-five minutes—bam!—it screeches to a quiet halt and starts flashing me the Page-Load-Error Yellow Card. Once that happens, I holler and yell and try to keep pushing my point (ie. jabbing at keys), all to no avail. The computer remains calmly omnipotent, steadily waving that nasty card in my face until I’m forced to call it quits and slink away to work on my WordPerfect documents. From experience, I know that it could be a couple hours before the internet ceases to spaz and that there’s absolutely nothing I can do about it.

(Lately twitter, on the other hand, has been one very hard cookie, consistently not functioning. I’ve been trying to publish the same tweet for the past several days, simply changing the verb tenses to keep it up-to-date. Some people might say I’m stubborn, but let me tell you, I can’t help but get a little ornery when my internet goes manic and decides to shut off my chatter valve.)

I feel a little better now. It turns out that getting up at five in the morning to read blogs only to get pushed around by my temperamental internet wasn’t a total waste of time after all—I got to vent my feelings in the sane, gentle world of word documents, bless their peaceful pages.

I’ll still have to wait awhile to publish this post, but so be it. I’m a subversive chick, able to manage a moody piece of hardware. And until I can find some lithium powder to sprinkle over the keypad, there’s no other way.

About One Year Ago: Orange-Mint Tea (lately I’ve been making this the lazy, cheap way, just squeezing in the juice from one lemon and using sugar in place of the honey, and it’s still delicious).

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