Quick, quick, quick

Taking a spare minute I don’t have to tell you why I don’t have a spare minute.

1. Three bushels of peaches.
2. A couple wagon-loads of sweet corn.
3. Four bushels of apples.

The first corn supper—thirty-six ears down the hatch

Other things in the works: Sweet pickles soaking, dill pickles to be made, lettuce to be washed, bacon to be fried, peach desserts to create and savor, beans to pick, lettuce seeds to be harvested and dried, beets, tomatoes…

The first tomatoes

Tonight: Two meetings and my parents are coming to spend the night (I called to tell them that if they were bored they could come early to do corn—my dad politely laughed and hung up the phone).

Cucumbers on their way to becoming sweet pickles

Checked off the list: yogurt, croutons, caesar dressing, baked oatmeal, lunch, one wagon-load of corn husked, coffee half-way drunk, piece of blueberry coffee cake inhaled.

Snapping beans—and the kids wonder why no one wants to come over and play with them…

A victim of a garden tsunami

About One Year Ago: Quiche.


  • Zoë

    Yes, JJ, 105 dozen ears of corn. We got about 25 quarts of it. Should be plenty for our little family! There was enough for Brad's parents, his brother and wife, and his sister's family of 6. That's a lot of people and we all LOVE corn.

  • Mama Pea

    Gosh, you must be tired when you hit the bed at night. I know I am, and I don't even have any kiddlies at home!

    Mmmmm, I'm salivating over the thought of your peaches!

  • Zoë

    Gotta love summer! We did 105 dozen ears of corn on Tuesday with Brad's whole family. We had a grand old time. I suppose next week I'll do the peaches and pickles and tomatoes and seed saving and…

    Have fun with all the bounty. You'll be missing it by January 🙂

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