Talking points rained out

Things I want to talk about, not in any particular order:

*pastry cookies
*my crazy-busy aunt
*buttermilk pancakes
*body image
*ranch dressing
*peanut butter cup ice cream
*rhubarb tea
*chicken d-day

I think I’ll just start at the top of the list and work my way down. We’ll see how far I get.

But, before I start, just to let you know, it’s thundering outside. It’s sunny and hot, the breeze is picking up, thick cloud billows are steadily plodding across the sky, and every few minutes the sky grumbles in a cranky, ominous way. Makes me kind of edgy and distracted. That’s why I started with a list—I can’t focus with the sky growling at me, so I needed a clear plan to keep me on the straight and narrow.

Not that this blog has a straight and narrow.

I just unplugged the laptop and brought it out to the deck, all the better to keep an eye on the brewing storm. I see it down the valley, a deep blue cloud that’s slowly engulfing the mountain ridge, moving closer and closer. The sun is blistering hot—ooo, there’s another rumble—making me eager for this storm to hit.

Oh never mind. I think this is all the farther I’m going to get. I want to try out some of the new photography techniques I’ve been reading about—aperture, AF frames, ISO speeds… The pastry cookies will just have to wait till next time.

Let’s take a close look at this storm. I love summer storms. They are beautiful to watch, especially when I can see them approaching. Sometimes we hear the rain coming through the forest, rushing the trees before it dumps on us. This one appears to be coming from the north.

Or maybe it’s coming from the south-west.

Now it’s really coming. I can smell the rain. I can almost taste it.

And now it’s here!

You’d think Miss Becca Boo never saw rain before today.

The Baby Nickel keeps saying, “I scary,” meaning, I’m scared.

He acts as though he doesn’t like the thunder too well, but I think he’s actually delighted by it. He just doesn’t know it.

It’s over, just like that. And we are better off because of it.

I’ll try to get back to that list tomorrow, but no promises. You never know what might blow my way next…


  • Lily Girl

    The possibility of summer storms makes me long to live elsewhere. Okay, *rain* makes me long to live elsewhere. Southern CA is a desert (a fact seemingly lost on all the water-happy lawn owners and golf course managers) and I do so love the rain.

    On another note, I’d like to formally request that the ranch dressing get moved up the list…. not that you asked 🙂

  • Jennifer Jo

    Dr. P, The crazy-busy aunt is most definitely Valerie, though that doesn’t mean that you aren’t crazy-busy, too.

  • Jennifer Jo

    Dr. P, Body image IS. Period. Whether or not we like it. And hindsight can be fabulous. Or else depressing. Depending on whose hind you’re looking at.

  • dr perfection

    body image: it is such a waste of time to be consumed with this. Looking back I wish I knew then what I know now.

  • Unknown

    oh my STARS what an utterly fantastic view you have…especially for seeing storms come in. beautiful clouds – ahh! that’s one of the things i miss most about home.
    can’t wait to read about the list. 🙂

  • Amy

    While I love love love crazy rain and weather, I scrolled like a nut waiting for some mention of the cookies! 😛

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