In all seriousness

Some people are under the erroneous impression that Mr. Handsome is a serious man. True, he can be stingy about flashing his pearly whites and generous with his garumphing, but he does know how, if the mood strikes, to break loose, bounce off the walls, hang from the ceiling, and show his goony underbelly.

When he breaks loose, he goes hog wild.

He can lay it on reeeeeal thick.

Sometimes he gets so bad that I freak out—something I have every right to do considering I am married to the man in these pictures!

Maybe I should join a support group. Is there such a thing out there? If not, I guess I could start one. I think I would call it Wives of Spastic Husbands (WOSH, for short).

But just when I start thinking about calling the padlocked van with wire-meshed windows to come haul his royal silliness off to the Funny Farm, he goes and does this:

…and then I can’t help but take him seriously again.

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  • Kate

    You need to dig out the picture of Mr. Handsome wearing one of Becca Boo’s (?) pairs of pants to add to this series.

    Love the Anne Lamott quote in the sidebar.


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