The winner

Remember our little spending freeze that I wrote about back in January? Well, guess what! I won!!! Heeheehee! Hohoho! Hahaha! No surprises there, sorry, ’cause it’s not like I have a history of winning, or anything.

Nana-nana-boo-boo! You lost and I won, for the THIRD time! IwonIwonIwon!

Alright! I’ll stop rubbing my strawberry smoothie-loving husband’s face in the dirt. I am a nice person, really. I know how to win gleefully, I mean, gracefully.

If you want to read about the purchase (and surrounding event) that toppled my hubby, go here.


  • Anonymous

    I consider a five-dollar drink to be rent paid for the space I occupied (for 2 hours) in the coffee shop. I still have no intention of breaking the spending freeze, unlike JJ who is making plans to spend, spend, spend.

    Mr. H

  • 40winkzzz

    He broke the freeze over a strawberry smoothie? Very pathetic. He must have been ready to wave the white flag and just looking for the right opportunity.

    And how nice of your brother to blog about it so that you wouldn’t have to. Because you obviously are far too humble to gloat about it.

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