A warm (winter!) day

It was warm yesterday and the kids lived it up to the hilt.

We’ve noticed the robins are back. A particular one (or two) have been jerk-stepping around out front, probably the same ones that built nests there last year, we’ve decided. So before lunch the kids went out and built some more nests, to help out our feathered friends.

After the kids had rest time, they went out to play. When I looked out the window I saw they had hauled the rocking chairs off the porch, found the lawn chairs, and then had arranged the seats in a semi-circle around the fire place. They kept talking about marshmallows; I kept explaining we didn’t have any.

And the next time I looked out the window? Swimming suits and sprinklers!

(I later learned they had snuck in the house to get their suits and then changed in the tool shed, preempting a potential maternal no.)

The Baby Nickel shucking clothes:

Hey! I shucked more than I intended!

Puuuull the undies baaaack up.

It’s hard work, taking pants off.

Maybe it’ll be easier if I sit down.

Free at last! Mama, I need my wimming woot.

A leafless, but clothing-adorned, poplar tree.

Folks, it’s March. You would think it was July, the way they were acting.

It all caught up with them then. They didn’t just use the towels to lay on—

they used them to wrap up in.

I guess the sprinkler cooled them off more than they anticipated.

Of course they had to sleep in the tent, too, it being a warm summer night, and all.

Spring is coming, it really is. I even got down on my hands and knees to bring you some evidence.

Summer will be here before you know it, and spring will arrive even sooner. In fact, longer summer evenings are just a day away. Hang in there.


  • 40winkzzz

    Those are GREAT pics! Esp Baby Nickel's pants adventure and the poplar tree clothes hanger.
    I love sights & stories of carefree homeschool-minus-the-school afternoons, kids running free and enjoying the great outdoors while their peers sit inside stuffy classrooms…

    *Sigh* Maybe I'll let my kids be carefree again one of these days. Seems like all we do all day (they're older than your kids, remember)is school school school. Well, and 15-going-on-55-minute indoor playbreaks, and 25-minute bathroom breaks, and… I am looking forward to warmer weather and the mandatory 20-minute outdoor breaks that turn into 60-minute outdoor breaks– those I don't mind so much!

    Actually, we did have wonderfully warm days last Thurs & Fri as well– not swimsuit-&-sprinkler warm , but shirtsleeves-&-pogo-stick warm. Unfortunately we didn't get to enjoy quite enough outdoor time due to classes & such, but we did manage some.

  • Anonymous

    I believe that "Niagara Falls" hat that Rebekah is wearing is Justus', so please don't give it to Gift & Thrift before we return!

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