Friends Are For Sharing Pain, and Since You Are My Friends…

Miss Becca Boo had an awkward encounter with a window sash on Saturday. I didn’t see what happened, but apparently, when she opened the window, she smashed her finger … somehow.

At first, it was just a little bit purple and swollen, but by the end of the day it was all-the-way swollen.

I showed it to Nurse Friend Vi, who sat behind us in church yesterday, and she said it looks okay, not smashed, broken, or infected. I should just give her Ibuprofren on a regular basis, and make sure no red streaks materialize.

Red streaks—yikes!

It keeps looking worse, but she’s eating and playing, albeit with her injured hand gingerly held out before her. (She is having some trouble sleeping, even with the painkillers.)

Just looking at her mutilated finger makes me feel rather ill. I just wanted to share that with you.


  • Anonymous

    dr perfection – great idea with the blue nail polish! I’m curious why you’re so eager to let Mama JJ wean? If it’s right for them, then it’s a good time. Maybe I sounded more discouraging than I intended. But frankly, winter is not the greatest time to wean (if one has a choice) and especially in the middle of travels, considering all the emotional upheaval, transitions, and the germs that get passed around. You probably know that mama’s milk is packed with antibodies that change to suit the child’s age and needs, and the perfect comfort food for a toddler who needs calming. (And I for one am not going to discourage a mother from nursing her small – or big – child, as both my children were long-term nursers, though thankfully both now weaned.) On the other hand, Christmas might be just the distraction needed to make it easy. Of course, weaning is a long process, one they’ve been on for some time and one that continues after the last nursing, in hugs and snuggles and giving comfort and love in new ways. (Ok, I’ll stop preaching now…)


  • Anonymous

    Did Becca Boo come home from church with a cookie or two? Apparently one of my daughters gave her some money to buy cookies after Sunday School!


    PS – I’m curious about your current “What’s new” — are you sure you want to do this in the middle of holiday frenzy and heading into winter? Not that I want to discourage you if the time is right, but you know how good that stuff is as immune support…

  • Anonymous

    OOOOOOuch! Gavin said he can’t look. I feel your pain Miss Becca Boo. That was a dead square hit. I suppose when we see you in a few weeks the nail will be hanging on by a thread.

    -Aunt V

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