True or False

Teaching is not the same as parenting, but parenting is the same as teaching. Explain your answer.


  • Anonymous

    False, because last year I felt that I was playing mother for my llth graders. I was seeing more of them in that daily hour-and-a-half of class time than some of their mothers were, likely. (And they desperately needed mothers.)


  • KTdid

    I would say that the statement is false, my reason being: parenting does include teaching/ modeling/training, particularly when the offspring are young, but it is a broader role that encompasses more than this. Parenting has many stages and continues until the death of the parent or (God forbid) his/her child. There is unconditional love, support and friendship (with all its complexities) throughout the years of parenting adult children, much of which does not involve teaching. So I would not say that “parenting” and “teaching” are synonymous.

  • You Can Call Me Jane

    Personally, I think this statement is true. I think parenting is most effective when there is a secure, intentional, loving, and longer-term bond/relationship between a child and an adult.

    On the flip side, I am not a school teacher in a traditional setting (I am a homeschool teacher/parent). Some traditional teachers may feel as if they do take on the role of parent at times. I don’t think I could argue with them.

    Real decisive, aren’t I? Interesting question, JJ.

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