As this blog has evolved, different themes have emerged. There are the recipes, of course, and then the sourdough bread. There is the list of all the books that I’ve read to my children, put out there for you to use as a reference. And lately I’ve begun to notice yet another theme: the excerpts from the book that my mother and I had been working on.

So now, in an effort to be as clear and precise and obsessive as possible, I have created yet another index for this blog that I have titled Book Bits. At this point it’s still a small list, but I suspect that over time it will evolve and expand. (This blog seems to have a habit of doing that.)

Take a minute to go check it out (see the link on the side bar). Like I said, it’s not much, but I did post some (slightly embarrassing) pictures of my mother and I, for your entertainment edification.


  • Jennifer Jo


    Mom pumiced my feet dry, per your instructions, and that made a big difference. I’ve always pumiced my feet wet, while in the shower, but the dry method is much more effective. Thanks.


  • Anonymous

    I’ve been battling this problem for years. I found the solution for me is to sand them well while they are completely dry (check the foot care section of Kmart or the grocery store for a nice sanding tool) after showering I towel dry them and apply a good cream. This must be done at least once a week during the flip flop time of year.
    The other solution is to wear shoes all the time because it is walking bare foot, and wearing flip flops and sandals that are the culprit in this scenario. I’ld rather sand and apply lotion.

    -Aunt V.

  • Anonymous

    Drinking extra water helps a bit to avoid cracks and dry skin. While I am nursing a baby, I always have more problem with dry feet (and hands)

  • Jennifer Jo

    Thanks for the advice, Kim. I’ll look for the cream. I do use a pumice stone, but it doesn’t do too much good. My feet are pretty far gone.


  • Sarah

    Hmm, I’ll have to look up the foot cream that Kim is recommending… I had to laugh at your post because I was just looking at ALL OF THOSE PHOTOS (and there are a lot of them) of you and your mom and Caroline. We had such fun during that visit! Can’t wait to see more of the book.


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