No Zip

I’m feeling down and out, like there’s no zip or pizzazz to my life. Blah.

This malaise is rather puzzling since I’m in good health, PMS is not a factor, and it’s sunny outside. Oh, you know what? I think I must be suffering from Election Obsession Withdrawal. I was such a bundle of nerves and anxiety beforehand and then there was that climactic thrilling night of wows, and now … well, it’s just me and my life once again. Whoop. Dee. Doo.

It’s kind of like having a baby. You obsess for months on end about the heartbeat and maternity clothes and which midwife and what birth plan. You watch movies of women pu-pu-pu-u-u-u-shing. You make phone lists and pack your bags and arrange child care for the older sibs. And then The Moment comes and life is intense and full, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced, and you are a totally amazing woman and then… it’s over. And you have a baby. And you’re happy, very happy, of course, but your house is still dirty and the other kids still hit each other and now, to top it all off, your bottom hurts.

Does any of this make sense? Are you following me?

I got outside yesterday and cleaned my flower beds in hopes of kicking the blah-blues. My garden clippers had disappeared, so I had to cut back the mint and daisies and oregano with my kitchen scissors. (Of course, Mr. Handsome found the clippers as soon as he came home from work.) I hauled all the pots of dead flowers out to the barn. I raked the sticks and leaves and brown flowers into several piles and then went back inside. Still with a case of the blah-blues, and with dirty fingernails, too.

So I cut my fingernails.

I think I know what the solution is: I need to make some plans. You know, get a project started, hang out with some friends, plant my garlic, go for a walk, etc. I need to give myself something to look forward to. Like a movie tonight, just me and Mr. Handsome. And then, maybe, just maybe, we could create ourselves a little donut party. Yes, now that I wrote that I think that would be a very wise decision. A movie and popcorn, and then, in the near future, some donuts. That just might be enough to kick these doldrums to smithereens.


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