Staying Regular

First off, I need to apologize: I have been lax and inconsistent in my posting practices; I have neglected to be there for you when you needed me; I am a dismal failure. (Am I allowed to have a colon and three semi-colons in one sentence?) This has a lot of you up in arms—frustrated, angry, and disconsolate. I know this is so because my in-box has been flooded with every type of email, from the polite queries as to whether or not I am still alive to the angry denunciations of my (lack of) character to the pathetic pleas for more minutia (“Please, sah, may I have some mo’?”).

Okay. Not really. But I do get your vibes, so be careful what you’re vibing.

So here’s to a renewed commitment to post more regularly. (I must insert here, to give myself a little credit, that I have been posting on the sourdough blog, so even when there is some big lag time on the minutia end of things you can click on the bread picture in the right column of this page if you need evidence of….uh…me.)


  • Anonymous

    PLEASE don’t EVER feel like you need to apologize to me about any supposed laziness on your part. I am the Queen of Laxness and Inconsistency and while it’s easy enough for me to say this on the web, in real life it is mortifying to me. So you are completely excused.


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