Whaddaya Think?

He makes a very cute little girl, no?

Does it worry you?

Well, don’t let it.

Because it doesn’t bother me one wit. I think it’s sweet that he’s so in touch with his feminine side.


  • Unknown

    Don’t listen to Kate and SEM wearing those outfits will haunt him for the rest of his adult years. What if he has a hard time meeting people down the road who do not have the same taste of outfits. Kate stated that the clothes do not make the man. Ask Mr. Handsome and Stuart the last time he woke up and said I think I will wear a summer dress that goes with my tool belt today. SEM is the last to be playing fasion police. Let the boys be boys.

  • Anonymous

    My A. wore a purple tutu for the first two walking years of his life. We had to replace it a few times as those wear out quickly. Go, boy. -MAC

  • Sarah

    Great photos! I have some of Monkey Boy in a bright pink swim diaper which I’m sure he would appreciate me posting. I agree with Kate – a nice shot of him zipping down the banister or balancing on the piano in a ballet suit would be nice.


  • Kate


    The clothes do not make the man. I think you need to end this little series with a photo of the baby Nickle doing something daring. And if he was wearing a dress while performing his death defying feat it would be all the better.


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