Book List

As a nod to the new school year, which we do not adhere to because I am just a tiny bit of a rebel and a heck of a lot my own independent person, I am putting up (within the next day or so) a link on the right that will take you to a site with the list of books that I have read out loud to my kids (the ones they heard on audiotape, I marked accordingly). Chapter books, mind you, not all the picture books that I have read again and again and again and again and aga—

I’m including their ages (so far, the list pertains only to Yo-Yo Boy and Miss Becca Boo) at the top of each section so you can get a feel for the age appropriateness of the books. I will be updating the site with new books and other odds and ends (an anti-TV rampage? Yikes!) as the spirit moves me.

I am keeping the comment section open at that site. Please feel free to leave ideas for other books that we, and others, would enjoy reading.

Ps. I’m not really a “rebel”. A conservative? Nah. A free-thinker? Not really. Weird? Definitely.

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