So Why Did I Marry Him?

You mean there should be a reason besides the fact that I thought him strikingly handsome? It’s not enough that his eyes were blue and his hair was black (and now the black is peppered with gray, rendering me a knock-kneed fool)? Masculine sexiness won’t cut it? Really?

Oh, okay. Here’s my list, or rather, an excerpt from the book:


…I know that I’ve married a truly wonderful person…. His fun-loving, spontaneous outlook on life was contagious. Nothing plodding about this guy! Whoo-ee! I saw him as a hard worker, intelligent and informed, honest, respectful, creative, interesting, conscientious, and endowed with good common sense. I very quickly hinged myself to his side.


I’m still hinged, after twelve years, and I plan on remaining right here, stuck fast to his side.

It’s a good place to be.

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