What’s Been Going Down

The Baby Nickel has been going through lots of undies.

He is pretty good about peeing in the toilet, as long as I don’t forget to take him every hour or so, but he refuses to poop there. He finds lots of other creative places to squat.

Sweetsie loves to lay on the floor of the downstairs bedroom (which is not really a bedroom) and listen to CDs and tapes and hold her spit rag and suck her thumb. She does this for hours, sometimes listening quietly and sometimes belting it out at the top of her lungs in her throaty voice.

Miss Becca Boo plays with Blackie. All. Day. Long. First thing in the morning she slips a jacket on over her nightgown and disappears outside to hold her darling baby. Today she decided that it was Blackie’s birthday, I think in hope of getting me to give Blackie extra milk for her birthday “dessert”.

Yo-Yo Boy mopes around the house until he comes up with a new activity, the more dangerous the better. Then he becomes the boss of everyone and the ringleader and the guilty culprit, etc, etc.

At my behest, Mr. Handsome came home from work, albeit a little begrudgingly, to dispose of the trapped, wild rabbit that was caught in our fence.

You already know what I like to do in my spare time—perch my tail on my wooden chair and caress the keyboard with my fingertips. Ahh.

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