Still Down, Sort Of

I think I’m in the in between stage: I’m not fully sick, but I’m not fully well. I’m tired and sleepy and have zero energy. I don’t want to do anything. I can’t stand loud noises or commotion. My head still hurts. But I’m bored. Maybe tomorrow….

In the meantime, here’s the view from the couch where I slept for three hours, yesterday afternoon.

And from my flat-on-my-back position, I had a good view of Yo-Yo Boy, who also succumbed, though briefly, to this illness (we knew he was out-of-order when he didn’t want any potato chips at lunch—he loves potato chips).

Mr. Handsome took Blackie to the vet this morning for his booster shots. He took all the kids with him, bless his heart. I think they’re going to stop at Mickey D’s for breakfast. The thought makes me feel queasy, but I guess if they’re all happy, then I’m happy, too.

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