One Smart Cookie

Mr. Handsome hates to do lawn care, especially with a rinky-dinky push-mower. Therefore, I’m the one who periodically tromps all over the yard; I really don’t mind it so much.

Still, it bugs Mr. Handsome that so much time is spent inefficiently. So today Mr. Handsome got smart.

Really smart.

Notice how calm Mr. Handsome looks. And cool. With just a wave of his hand the lawn is mowed. Such power!

He’s even grinning, pretty pleased with himself, I do believe.

Once he was confident that our slaves, I mean our children, were doing an adequate job, he donned a pair of old jeans and added to the cacophony of lawn-care machinery.

He even wore special glasses. They kind of look like cat glasses, don’t they?

You know, I think he rather resembles the Cheshire Cat. Meow!

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