Our kitchen windows are marvelous. They look out over the back of our property (which is actually our entire property since the house sits at the front of the property) to the mountain ridge behind us. They also face west, so they let in a ton of light which is a good thing, but towards evening the light can get brutal, and that is not a good thing. Especially in the summer, the heat pours in and makes supper prep and clean-up a literal headache.

Before we even moved into this house, we could foresee this problem. I wanted to buy some blinds for the windows, but Mr. Handsome didn’t want just any old cheap blinds, and the nicer ones were really expensive. Plus, our windows were odd shapes and we would have to have them cut to size which was just one more task that we didn’t feel like doing. So, logically, we didn’t do anything. We’ve been suffering for nearly three years now.

However! I married an ingenious man. When I can’t stand the heat anymore, I just holler his name, and he comes running to hang up his Curtain Creation.

Our make-shift (cheap!) blinds add a certain ambiance, no?

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