Cleaning Out The Fridge

Here’s what I cleaned out today:

Moldy cream cheese, soured creme fraiche, half a lime (squeezed the juice in with the ground beef I was frying up to put in a curry), leftover peas and carrots from lunch (also into curry), leftover fried potatoes (yep, they’re curried now), yogurt-cream sauce (into fruit smoothies), fruit cobbler (Mr. Handsome and I ate it for supper), leftover cooked oatmeal (The Baby Nickel and Miss Becca Boo ate it for their supper), leftover baked oatmeal (supper for Sweetsie and Yo-Yo Boy), two partly-used onions (curry), a giant bag of moldy lettuce (chickens).

Now my fridge feels spacious, big enough to easily hold the giant crock pot filled with the Beef Curry With Garden Vegetables that I’ll be taking to the church potluck tomorrow.

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