I Am Not Anemic

See all this Swiss chard?

I will eat all of it for supper and there are no black hats and white bunnies involved. Here’s how I do it:

Cut the stem out of each leaf and discard (or, if you hate to throw anything out, you can chop them up and save them to add to soups and such—they cook like celery, but without the strong flavor).

Stack the leaves in a pile.

Roll them up…

…and cut them in quarter-inch, or so, slices.

Chop up a small clove of garlic and a small onion and saute in good olive oil. Add salt and pepper.

Dump in the pile of greens.

Cook for 3-5 minutes, stirring gently, until lightly cooked.

Mound the greens on a plate. Top with a poached egg (this one is a lightly fried egg, in my house otherwise known as a“runny egg”) and shredded Gruyere cheese.

Pop-eye, watch out. I’m going to have to stop wearing sleeveless shirts out in public—don’t want to attract too much attention to my bulging muscles.

Note: I guess I should credit Orangette for this recipe, but I’m not actually following her directions, per say. I wing it everytime I make it. So, I don’t really know what I’m saying here…I just want to make sure I’m being, you know, honest.


  • Greta

    Hi! I make a version of this but put the egg and whatever sort of cheese right in the pan with the chard to cook all together. The ratio of egg and cheese to chard may be a bit more equal than your pile of chard! The eggs cook firmer, too. And I cook hardly anything without garlic!
    Very fun

  • Kate

    In our house, runny or lightly poached eggs are called Gannon eggs. Gannon, a evil character from The Legend of Zelda must be stabbed and stabbed again before he is worthy to be eaten.

    So glad you are blogging! I noticed your side link. Gluten Free Girl is one of my favorite websites. I have been experimenting with glutenfreeness since discovering that MOST of the health issues in the extended family have a potential link to gluten allergy.

    We really miss you guys.
    Love to all,


  • Anonymous

    Well then, I must not be anemic either! I love sauteed chard with onion & garlic and a splash of raw apple cider vinegar. And I chop the stems and add to the pan with the onion to soften them before adding the leaves. So colorful too. Yum, yum.


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