Yo-Yo Boy wanted to take apart an old radio/CD/tape player, so he called Mr. Handsome, who was at work, to get permission. Mr. Handsome said yes. I didn’t pay attention to Yo-Yo Boy after that. He did call me into the room to show me the dismembered radio and how everything worked behind the scenes. He thought it was pretty cool the way things lit up and buzzed and hummed and whirred. I thought it was pretty cool that he was totally engrossed in such an educational project.

When Mr. Handsome came home and saw what was going on, he thought it was pretty cool, as well as miraculous, that Yo-Yo Boy wasn’t electrocuted. “You let him work on it plugged in? What were you thinking?”



  • Jennifer Jo

    I can HEAR you laughing.

    Wow, you make me feel like a celebrity. If you come to church on Sunday, bring me your bulletin and I’ll sign it for you.

  • Anonymous

    Ok, I am now laughing out loud!!! 🙂 But I can see how it would be pretty cool to get the live action version, plugged in and all.


    PS – Good to see you’re back from your 30-plus hour hiatus from writing!

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