I really should not be typing now. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done.

I picked blueberries this morning and came home with 16 quarts (my girlfriend Laurel helped me pick after she got all that she wanted for their family, bless her heart) that now need to be picked over, canned, frozen, and dried.

I need to bake chocolate chip cookies and make tuna salad. I need to pick potato bugs (the kids like them fried in butter with sea salt sprinkled on top—just kidding), hoe the beans, pick some rhubarb, weed and mulch the rose bed, mow the yard.

And this evening I am planning to go pick cherries (sweet, wax, and sour) and buy some apricots, too. Then there will be more jam and drying and canning. I will not get near everything done, but I bet you’d be impressed if I did.

About the blueberries, I’m wanting to can some—does anybody have any advice about this? I’ve never done it before. Just put them in jars with water and sugar and process? And how does freezer blueberry jam turn out? Or is it better to do cook jam?


  • Jennifer Jo

    Cindy, I got the apricots from Onyx Farm. They only have four trees, though, and apparently a lot of orders, so I think I may have been pretty lucky to get a whole bushel. They normally sell them by the gallon for $3.25 (a bushel is eight gallons). I would call them right away if you are interested in placing an order.

    Kris, of course I got everything done, silly.

  • Anonymous

    So did you get everything done? 🙂

    We tried out the cherry pitter this evening and it doesn’t seem any faster than by hand. Also it is not well equipped to handle small cherries.


  • Unknown

    Great to meet you in the blueberry patch this morning. Can you tell me where you’re getting local apricots? I’ve asked around and no one seems to know. Thanks. Cindy S

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